Design Support

With over 30 years of experience in the architectural aluminum window industry, True Enterprises, Inc. is ready and willing to support your needs. We can assist you in the development of sound designs that will meet budget constraints while at the same time making the owner’s ideas become a reality. We specialize in custom historic designs and have made what some call impossible happen.

Whether you are designing a new building or renovating a historically significant gem, we can help. We’ve worked with all sorts of building conditions and can recommend an array of best practice designs and procedures to assist you with your project. We also have extensive experience in working with the National Park Service designing historical replacement window systems. Our number one job is to make you shine.

Consulting Support

True Enterprises, Inc. can and has been called upon as a third party expert to witness field-testing as an owners representative. Architectural firms have also retained our services to act as quality control experts.

Budget Support

True Enterprises, Inc. can assist you in the preparation of accurate budget figures. We can also assist with thorough budget analysis after which we can make time and cost saving recommendations. Saving time and money can be the difference between a project going forward or going back onto the shelf.

Specification Writing

True Enterprises, Inc. can assist you in the preparation of clear and accurate aluminum window specifications. We can advise you on the latest industry standards and product considerations to help ensure that your specifications will meet your projects requirements.

We can also review your specifications. True Enterprises, Inc. can be your second set of eyes and can help you avoid multiple addendums and missed items.

CEU Presentations

True Enterprises, Inc. supports the continuing education efforts of our clients. We have developed and have presented a variety of continuing educational programs pertaining to the aluminum window industry. Our most recent programs deal with blast mitigation windows and hurricane resistant windows.

True Enterprises, Inc. consulted with the State of Connecticut’s Department of Public Safety on the development of an educational program regarding hurricane codes as related to glazing systems. This program was presented at the Mohegan Sun Casino and was used to educate owners, general contractors and glass and glazing sub-contractors on the State of Connecticut’s hurricane building codes and what special considerations need to be incorporated into the window systems in order to meet the code requirements.

True Enterprises, Inc. will also be presenting a workshop on “Hurricane and blast-resistant windows” at this years Build Boston Show sponsored by the Boston Society of Architects.