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JFK Federal Building, Boston

True Enterprises / Winco Window Company
Window Replacement Project

True Enterprises, Winco Window Company and their associated firms were entrusted with the monumental task of replacing nearly 5,000 outdated windows in the occupied, security-sensitive JFK Federal building which includes twin 26 story towers and an attached 4-story building. The new system needed to include high performance energy efficient windows that would maintain the building’s 1960’s aesthetic and meet GSA Bomb Blast Resistant Window requirements.

The successful completion of this project provides a more secure, comfortable and energy efficient
environment for those who work in the architecturally and historically significant JFK Federal Building.

Old Winchester Repeating Arms Factory

By keeping within a tight budget and on an aggressive manufacturing and delivery schedule, True
Enterprises, Inc. (TEI) in partnership with Winco Windows was able to make the renovation of the 150+ year old historical Winchester Repeating Arms factory buildings in New Haven a huge success. It was incredibly important to the building owners that the design integrity and aesthetic of the original crumbling steel windows be maintained. The new windows needed to be energy efficient as well as look like the previous historical steel windows. Through hard work and dedication it was possible to completely
renovate the project with a solution that was not only energy efficient but historically accurate as well.